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Ajay's music defies categories. That's why we like him. His music is  upbeat, downbeat and sidebeat. There is a slight hint of his Indian roots combined with an interesting mix of Americana and good ol' rock 'n' roll. 

Ajay writes, composes and mixes his own material. He has a knack for getting great musicians involved and turning every single one of his songs into something really special.



Little Boat 

Winner of Germany's "Best English Language Album of the Year 2018" Award

The best way to describe the thread that runs through the genre-bending songs on Ajay Mathur’s newest album Little Boat is ‘resilience’. The songs are inspired by Ajay’s own life experiences and are about growing stronger in the face of adversity, bouncing back after going through tough situations and coming out the other side stronger and better. 


Little Boat

Vinyl - YAK003LP / CD - YAK003CD

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Nominated for 2017 Grammy Award

in the category "Best Rock Song" 

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